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The value of fast action

By Darren Yablonski   

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Enterprises are able to collect more data than ever before, but without an efficient way to manage and secure that data across the enterprise, whether it resides on physical and virtual servers, multiple Cloud providers, applications or endpoints, they will never be able to realize the full benefits of a truly data-driven and secure business. Security needs to be built into the data management platform from an end user’s computer to backup storage, regardless of whether it resides on-premise or in a private, public or hybrid Cloud.

In today’s digital economy, the definition of disaster recovery has expanded to include the Cloud, endpoints and recovery speed, along with the technology businesses need to meet these new challenges. Disasters can include a CEO’s laptop data being held for ransom by a cybercriminal or a failure to find data needed for an eDiscovery motion.

Key disaster recovery capabilities have evolved to include Cloud backup, archive, eDiscovery and search. Businesses need an automated data protection solution that provides a single, complete view of all stored data so they can rapidly recover data whenever they need to resume business — even in the face of a ransomware threat.

A recent Forrester Research report, “The Forrester Wave: Data Resiliency Solutions, Q3 2017,” identified four key data resiliency tools. These include dev-test teams to ensure accurate test environments, business reporting and analytics teams to process data in real time, legal and compliance teams to protect the business with immediate insights, and security and risk teams to safeguard customers and other stakeholders.
The key to protecting Cloud-based data from a ransomware attack is speed. In the digital economy, enterprises demand 24/7/365 access to the web, mobile and other applications. Any delay in being able to access these applications will not only result in potential immediate financial loss but also damage to an organization’s reputation, which can linger for years.

Darren Yablonski is the National Director of Systems Engineering for Commvault Canada.

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