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The Law Enforcement Handbook

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The Law Enforcement Handbook (Fourth Edition) is designed to provide the basic grounding a police officer requires to perform effectively while carrying out the duties of a patrol officer or criminal investigator.

Because the division between patrol and investigative duties varies considerably among police forces, and may not exist in smaller departments, the author has taken a comprehensive approach that follows the officer from the initial stop of a suspect on the street to testimony in court. This book can be used as a core text for recruit training, as a handbook for more experienced officers, as a training manual for security personnel without prior police experience, or as a resource book in university police science courses. A thorough mastery of the material presented in this book will provide the information required to handle virtually all normal police duties, up to and including major criminal investigations.

Written by one of Canada’s most distinguished police executives and criminal investigators, Desmond Rowland, this book offers a practical approach to the police profession. Designed to provide quick access to detailed information, it will serve as a useful reference for police officers and security personnel of all levels.

New to this edition:
• Thoroughly updated content that reflects the latest trends in policing
• Additional photos that illustrate topics such as Traffic Accident Investigation, Airplane Accident Scene, Domestic Violence Scene, Footprints, Fingerprints, Clothing as Evidence, Firearm Tattooing, Blood Scene (Wall), Blunt Force Trauma, Arson Scene, and Drug Busts
• An expanded appendix that includes new material on WHMIS Classes and Hazard Symbols, Blood Patterns and Direction, and Types of Impact
• A new chapter on Fighting Terrorism

Now in its Fourth Edition, the handbook was written by Desmond Rowland and James Bailey, with Detective Stephen Rowland.


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