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The future of multi‑tenant security

Alanna Fairey   

Features Access Control aiphone IXG Series
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The IXG Series IP Multi-Tenant Video Intercom helps solve security communication challenges beyond any other intercom.

The IXG Series: Powerful IP Multi‑Tenant Video Intercom

Screening visitors at multi-tenant buildings, or throughout entire complexes, has never been easier. Introducing the new IXG Series IP Multi-Tenant Video Intercom from Aiphone. The IXG Series is a complete multi-tenant solution providing the combination of a convenient cloud-based app with the reliability of physical interior tenant station.Property managers can provide a streamlined security solution throughout a building or an entire complex. On-the-go tenants may choose a mobile device to screen visitors, with or without an interior station. The added flexibility of not needing an interior tenant station to have app capability is ideal for tenants and owners alike!

Expanded Solutions: Powered by a Full‑Featured System

Different properties require unique solutions. The IXG Series is up to the job with virtually unlimited configurations. With a capacity up to 9,999 stations and 9,999 apps, it is easy to meet specific security requirements of any property. Dealers and integrators will appreciate that all stations are PoE and easily installed using common structure cable. Entrance stations can be installed at outside buildings or parking garages. They are great for interiors too, particularly mixed-use lobbies where additional screening is required to access upper floors. Tenant stations provide video identification and communication in each apartment or suite. Property managers or tenants can record calls with on-board recording to a microSD card. Elevators should not be overlooked either when adding entry security. An IXG Series elevator lift control adaptor ensures visitors will only have access to the floor on which a tenant resides or works.

Combine Systems for Ultimate Flexibility IXG Series + IX Series = Unlimited Solutions

One of the many IXG Series’ strengths is the compatibility with our IX Series Peer-to-Peer IP Video Intercom. A variety of video door stations, master stations, and emergency call stations can all be connected into a single, powerful system. Different configurations and partitions, especially for large and enterprise-level applications, are now easier to achieve.

A More Efficient SOCOne Point of Command for Remote Monitoring

Controlling a variety of security layers is the idea behind a security operations center (SOC). Combining the IXG Series with our IX Series Peer-to-Peer IP Video Intercom helps increase efficiency within SOCs overseeing mixed-use buildings. One guard can monitor facilities and screen visitors across an entire networked campus. Events are quicker to assess with better detailed accuracy, giving operators the ability to act fast on how to best resolve situations.

Integrate for Added SecurityAccess Control, VMS, Network Cameras, PA Systems

Easily integrate our IP intercoms with third-party peripherals! With an access control host, doors can easily be unlocked when a visitor’s intent has been determined. Both audio and video can be saved to an integrated VMS when visitors call. If network cameras are connected, the close-up intercom view can quickly be switched to a broader picture of the area. When tied to a PA system, pages and alerts can be broadcast across an entire campus

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