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Tekstar Optical introduces 40X Lens

Tekstar Optical recently introduced its new ”˜’Made in Japan’’ TEK40X series, the smallest 40X motorized zoom lenses available today, according to the vendor. The product is designed for various industrial, commercial and military applications including harbours and borders, where high definition and long range day/night video surveillance are critical. The 10-400mm F4.5-360 lenses measure 6.22 inches (158mm) long and weigh 28.22 oz. (800g), and feature the latest IR coating technology.

The TEK40X series is available in four versions with various options:
”¢    TEK40XDCIR (DC Iris)
”¢    TEK40XDCPIR (DC Iris, Preset)
”¢    TEK40XVIR (Video Iris)
”¢    TEK40XVPIR (Video Iris, Preset)

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