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Stainless steel security keypads for harsh conditions

By Canadian Security   

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APEM Components Inc., a manufacturer of quality switches and joysticks, is announced the availability of stainless steel professional security keypads, designed to resist harsh environments, including bad weather exposure, stains, and severe temperature variations. The stainless steel keypads also hold up well to abuse from scratching, shock, burns, or vandalism.

APEM’s keypads consist of customized and standard stainless steel single keys that can be mounted in a front or rear panel. APEM designs and manufactures multiple lines of stainless steel keypads and keyboards that feature good tactile feedback and offer IP65 front face sealing.

Due to its modular concept, APEM stainless steel product line not only meets the needs for standard keypads and keyboards, but also meets the needs of customized products with a specific number of keys and key layout. Depending on the models, standard keys differ in shape and dimension.  In all cases customization is available, i.e. backlighting, encryption, interface, laser marking or chemical etching, and more.

APEM Components Inc.

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