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Siqura VMS 5.4 includes browser-based client

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Optelecom-NKF Inc., a global supplier of advanced video surveillance solutions and the manufacturer of Siqura surveillance solutions, announces the release of its recently improved video management system (VMS) software application, Siqura VMS 5.4.

Siqura VMS 5.4 is a software management application intended for security purposes in which reliable and high-resolution recording and search options are required. Allowing up to 20 servers and 640 video, audio, data, and I/O channels, Siqura VMS 5.4 is intended for both local and extended systems. The software includes features such as intelligent motion detection, continuous 24/7 recording, real-time monitoring, and playback of recorded video, and it can handle video with MPEG-4, MJPEG, or H.264 compression. Since Siqura VMS 5.4 is compatible with an extensive range of third-party products, this software is able to integrate into an existing system or to use as networks expand.

It is now possible to apply privacy masks in Siqura VMS 5.4 to conceal sensitive areas of a camera scene, such as point-of-sale keypads in a shop or windows in a city center surveillance system. The control of pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras has also been expanded to make operation easier and more efficient. Siqura VMS 5.4 also includes a browser-based client with live viewing and playback functionality in addition to its already-existing configuration and workstation client programs.

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