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Sensors capture fingerprint data before the surface

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Lumidigm says five of its partners, AMAG Technology, Anviz, Innometriks, MaxID and ZK Software are demonstrating why fingerprint biometrics are now being used on construction sites, in medical labs, on heavy equipment and many other places heretofore considered not appropriate for the technology.  Fingerprints can be verified under water and while wearing latex gloves.  Each company has products that leverage Lumidigm’s multispectral imaging sensors.

Lumidigm multispectral fingerprint sensors capture fingerprint data beneath the surface of the skin so that dryness or even damaged or worn fingers create no problems for reliable reads. Using multiple wavelengths of light and advanced polarization techniques to extract unique fingerprint characteristics from both the surface and subsurface of the skin, Lumidigm’s sensors provide results that are more consistent, more inclusive and more tamper-resistant than conventional biometric readers.

As a result, biometric readers developed by Lumidigm’s partners can scan through dirt, dust, high ambient light, water and even some latex gloves. Nonetheless, the design of the biometric fingerprint readers is simple, resulting in units that are small, require minimal training and are easy to install. The biometric readers are employed by a variety of customers, including schools, corporate buildings, universities, hospitals, apartments, perimeter control, construction sites, office blocks and others.


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