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Self-diagnostic and reporting speakerphone features

By Canadian Security   

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Talkaphone announces new self-diagnostic and reporting features of the VOIP-500 Series Phone / WEBS Paging Module. With Talkaphone’s latest public release of the VOIP-500 firmware, these devices can now perform a number of self-diagnostics on a scheduled basis:

•    Check the status of the built-in button(s);
•    Check the status of the built-in microphone and built-in speaker;
•    Check the status of the WEBS speaker array;
•    Report via an email, a phone call, or an activation of the Auxiliary Output interface.

For diagnostics of the VOIP-500 Series Phone built-in speaker/microphone or WEBS speaker array, a pre-configured tone is played from the speaker(s) of the tested device and is recorded via the built-in microphone of the VOIP-500 Series Phone for analysis.

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