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SecurTek launches real-time reporting guard tool

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SecurTek Monitoring Solutions has partnered with WiredTime and launched SecurChek: A service that combines trained guards and a device that enables machine to machine communication.

With SecurTek’s SecurChek guard service, customers will get instant reports via their email. As well, customers get email alerts when the guard has finished checking the site so they know if their home or business is secure and they are able to log in to the SecurChek website to view real-time reports of any alarm responses.

With the service, scannable barcodes are strategically placed throughout a customer’s property. When SecurTek dispatches a guard to respond to an alarm signal from a premise, upon arrival, the guard will scan these barcodes with an industrial grade secure scanner as they conduct their inspection. This information will be sent to SecurTek’s monitoring stations so they can confirm the guard has arrived at and, if appropriate, cleared the site.

Leanne Woodhouse, general manager of marketing and dealer relations at SecurTek says, “With SecurChek, it’s easy to manage the relationship with guard service companies to ensure timely response as well as to provide customers with complete picture of what happened when guard arrived on site.”

“We were looking for a solution that would provide customers more accurate information about guard responses in alarm situations. SecurChek does that. It gives SecurTek and our customer’s confidence that our guard service providers are delivering the level of service our customers are expecting,” says Prabhjyot Malhotra-Singh, Product Research Analyst for SecurTek.


SecurTek, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SaskTel, provides commercial and residential security monitoring services to customers throughout Canada.

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