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Security Executive Council updates BYOD usage data

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The Security Executive Council recently posted an updated snapshot of BYOD (bring your own device) in the workplace and company policies that govern the practice.

According to the SEC, it has been watching the data on the use of personal devices in the workplaces since 2012, when it first polled security leaders about the use and policies surrounding BYOD in their organizations.

Updated with 2018 results, the SEC found that more respondents are using their own devices at work, more organizations are instituting policies to manage BYOD, and more are also strictly enforcing those policies. However, 21 per cent of companies still do not have a policy, and 21 per cent have a policy that is not enforced.

“It is critical to the protection of your company’s data to get the policy right the first time,” says Neil Johnston, SEC subject matter expert and former senior manager of security technical operations for The Boeing Company, in a statement. “Once you allow BYOD into your organization, it is difficult to take it away. Also, as technology changes, keep up with those changes in your policy as needed.”

Full results of the poll are posted on the SEC website.


According to the SEC, its next poll on BYOD will focus on security concerns such as data leakage/loss and non-encrypted data or connections.

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