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Secura Key offers new 2-door access control Kits

Secura Key has rolled out two new models of its e*Access Kits, which come with everything required to install a two-door access control system except the door locks and cabling. The kits come without cards, allowing the dealer to custom-order credentials in cases where the 25-pack of ISO cards with standard artwork is not appropriate. Kits 5 and 6 are for customers who prefer keytags or who need cards with no printing, custom printing, or a specific facility code or numbering. Kits 5 and 6 contain the SK-ACP panel, a power supply, two readers, SK-NET software, a user manual and a cable that connects the panel to a PC. Kits 1 and 2 include all the above, plus a starter pack of 25 e*Tag cards. The e*ACCESS 3 & 4 Add-On Kits include only the panel, power supply and two readers, allowing the dealer to get kit pricing without paying for the extra components.

Secura Key

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