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Safe passwords an ongoing concern for e-tailers

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Password management firm Dashlane has released its 2015 Ecommerce Security Roundup, providing advice on creating secure passwords and ranking well-known e-commerce providers on their password practices.

According to the company:

• 80% of sites do not meet the minimum secure password threshold
• 72% of sites do not require passwords with a capital letter and a number or symbol
• 32% of sites accept the ten most common passwords, including “password”  

In a statement, the company said:

Dashlane tested 22 criteria, and each criterion was given a +/- point value that enabled a website to receive a score between -100 and +100. A score of +50 is Dashlane’s minimum requirement for good password practices.


Dashlane CEO Emmanuel Schalit, a Ph.D. in computer science, states, “A strong password is at least eight random characters long, and contains a mix of capital letters, lowercase letters, and numbers and/or symbols. This complexity is what keeps hackers from easily guessing your password.”

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