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Royal Boon Edam introduces the BoonTouch Universal Remote Control Panel that enables the management of multiple models of Boon Edam turnstiles and gates.


Boon Edam’s Security Access solutions, such as the Speedlane and Swinglane optical turnstiles, are designed to ensure only authorized users can access a secured area. Authorization can be achieved through a card reader or biometric reader or through a universal control panel that is operated remotely by reception or a security desk.

In addition, BoonTouch also allows a reception or security desk to monitor the use of the lanes. If an attempt at unauthorized access or any other problem with the identity card or biometric identification of the user is detected, an alarm will flash on the BoonTouch screen.

By swiping the screen of BoonTouch, each individual turnstile or gate can be opened or closed. The settings of a bank, up to six lanes, can be managed. It is built to accommodate peak traffic by opening or closing multiple lanes at the same time.


BoonTouch is now available as an option for virtually all Boon Edam optical turnstiles, access gates and waist-high turnstiles and can also be retrofitted with an existing bank of security lanes.

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