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Jennifer Brown   

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HID Global recently announced the launch of FlexSmart Mifare and DesFire Contactless Smart Card Readers. The interoperable, ISO 14443A-compliant family of contactless smart card products provides options for customers looking for either an “out-of-the-box” solution or for those requiring customizable readers.

The contactless smart card reader series features three models:
FlexSmart MIFARE HID Format Secure Reader (6075), FlexSmart MIFARE
Custom Reader (6076) and FlexSmart DESFire Custom Reader (6077).
The FlexSmart Mifare HID format secure reader offers HID reader
security management for customers that want an “out-of-the-box” system
or who want Mifare technology for new installations or for existing HID

Whether the user requires HID sector formats or CSN (card serial
number) read capability, the reader is preconfigured for easy
installation and the reader complies with the requirements of ISO
14443A interoperability standards.
The FlexSmart Mifare custom reader is designed for customers that
require a customizable reader for new or existing installations.

From entry level access control to secure ID management, the reader is
completely configurable for every access control application challenge.
It also has an open architecture design and is ISO 14443A-compatible
for card interoperability.
The FlexSmart DesFire custom is designed for users that require a
customizable reader for new or existing installations. The HID
FlexSmart DesFire custom reader is compatible with the DesFire
protocol, which provides a high level of security, fast read
transaction speeds and a flexible (dynamic) file structure.

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