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Q&A: Paul Baziuk, senior account executive, Johnson Controls

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Canadian Security: What types of solutions does Johnson Controls provide to the cannabis market in Canada?

Paul Baziuk: We are an experienced, full-service provider and integrator of fire, security, HVAC and building automation products. Our footprint is global, but in Canada it is from coast to coast. We have many resources in every province to supply, install and program each of those systems, whether it’s fire, security, HVAC or building automation. Within our company we have a lot of resources that have great experience with many products. We can be transparent with a client on what works and what doesn’t work for their solution.

CS: How are you helping cannabis facilities and retailers with the challenges they face today?

PB: We sit down with them to discuss the design of the system. We get their input and find out which products they like to use because it’s really important for the end-user to be comfortable with the product. Otherwise, they’re going to hate it and they won’t use it or they’ll wind up replacing it. We do the installation, the service, the programming, and lastly, we manage the services so we take some of the responsibilities off of them and we do it in-house. This allows companies to focus on their core business, which is selling and delivering cannabis products in Canada. Some of the other services we do for them are the administration on the access system, making sure the video system is working, that there’s no video loss, and giving them an audit report of all of those systems on a weekly or monthly basis.


CS: What is the scope of the market for security advisors?

PB: There’s huge opportunity because some of the big clients have a national footprint so it’s important for to them to have a service provider in each of their markets that has the ability to respond quickly. It’s very important. These clients cannot wait five days or 10 days for a service technician. It pretty much has to be the next day or the same day. So, there are huge opportunities for security integrators that are in this market to grow.

CS: Are there any lessons to be learned from the short time that recreational cannabis has been legal?

PB: Yes, communication is key. You have to be dedicated. You have to have a team internally and also a team on the client side where the players are well known. You almost become like a family where you’re communicating with them by phone, by email, by text message, on a daily or hourly basis. So, it’s important that the players on each side are dedicated and staying in communication.

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