Access Control
The HES K100 wireless cabinet lock uses local wireless communication between the lock and an Aperio hub, eliminating the cost and difficulty of wiring an access control system to the cabinet. Aperio is a global, wireless platform that provides a way to connect additional openings to an existing electronic access control system. It uses short-distance wireless communication (IEEE 802.15.4) between the lock and an Aperio hub to link to an electronic access control
ABLOY PROTEC2 locks feature a new disc controller and key design. The disc controller in the lock requires a moving element in the key to mate with the cylinder internally in order to function, making it nearly impossible to copy a key. The cylinders are designed to be virtually pick proof and bump proof, with a patented DBS Disc Blocking System that prevents attempts to manipulate the cylinder’s internal discs.
Morse Watchmans’ KeyBank Touch is designed with features including a large, easy to use touch screen; KeyAnywhere to allow the return of any key to any KeyBank cabinet in the system; KeyFind to quickly find a specific key; and an optional optical fingerprint reader. KeyBank Touch enables multiple key storage banks to form a single fully integrated system capable of holding hundreds of keys. Control and programming of the system is managed from a single PC interface and every transaction is automatically recorded. For added efficiency, priority email alerts notify management of alarms and/or other access transactions to help maintain maximum control of access and security issues. “Notes” allows a user to select a pre-programmed note when removing or returning a key and to add any free-form comments to the standard
HID Global announced its new Crescendo C1150 smart card suite of credentials that provide a standards-based solution across a broad range of converged logical and physical access applications.
Kantech's Intevo is an integrated security platform designed to be up and running in minimal time.The system is preloaded with Kantech’s EntraPass Corporate Edition security management software and American Dynamics IP video software. Intevo also includes support for DSC PowerSeries and MAXSYS alarm panel integration. Intevo provides an ideal platform for small to medium businesses as well as the ability to grow the system to meet organizational needs over time. Intevo also supports the EntraPass Web client and the new EntraPass Go Mobile
Considering power requirements as well as installation, operating and maintenance costs, Delta’s pneumatic bollards are 60 percent more efficient and cost-effective than electro-mechanical units. They are aesthetic, durable, flood-resistant and green; use low voltage and current draw; and provide up to 300 cycles per hour. Crash rated and tested with a 15,000 lb vehicle going 50 mph, they operate individually or in groups up to 10 and are used for intermediate level security
Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies announced Everest 29 as its new patent-protected key system. Patented key systems prevent the unauthorized duplication of keys. Restricted key systems offer a higher level of key control by limiting their distribution and requiring, at a minimum, a letter of authorization from the end user to process orders for keys, blanks and cylinders. The patented designs of Everest 29 and Everest 29 Primus XP keyways prevent others from manufacturing or distributing these key blanks. By doing this, the Everest 29 key system assures an end-user confidence that their key system will have protection from unauthorized key duplication for the next 17 years.
Honeywell has added advanced video capabilities to one of its access control systems, the NetAXS-123.Instead of DVRs or NVRs, the system allows businesses to store video on USB memory sticks. NetAXS-123’s video capabilities offer event-based recording, meaning users can set the system to record only certain access-control events such as a door being propped or forced open, or someone trying to enter the premises using an invalid card.
HID Global’s EDGE EVO and VertX EVO portfolio is designed for customizable networked access control solutions. EDGE EVO and VertX EVO offer an open and scalable development platform for the deployment of a wide range of functionality, including remote management options, real-time monitoring, report generation and a custom rules engine that enables the use of the system hardware for complimentary
The newest version of C•CURE 9000 access control software features anti-passback and area lockout. Global anti-passback prevents cardholders from passing their credentials back to others to gain access to secured areas across clusters. Security directors can now further configure C•CURE 9000 v2.10 with time restrictions and to activate events such as sounding an alarm for anti-passback entry and exit violations.

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