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IP Video systems manufacturer IndigoVision in partnership with a local police force has developed Privacy Zones, a unique solution to the problem of implementing CCTV Hidden Zones without permanently losing the video which may be needed for evidential purposes in the future.


This new feature has been developed specifically for law
enforcement and prison applications, but can be deployed in many public
CCTV projects. The Privacy Zones feature is implemented in Control
Center, IndigoVision’s enterprise video and alarm management software,
which allows viewing of live and recorded video from any camera on the
network and is at the heart of the company’s integrated end-to-end IP
Video solution.

feature blocks out areas of video to avoid viewing data/images that are
irrelevant or intrusive.
Many CCTV applications demand the use of privacy zones which ensure
during normal viewing that certain areas of a scene can be blocked out
to protect individuals’ personal privacy. However, authorized personnel
may sometimes need to view the whole scene, including these hidden
areas, and record the scene for evidential purposes. A typical
application would be to protect toilet areas in prison cells from being
viewed by general security staff to give occupants a level of privacy.



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