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Fast Forward Video's NDT 200 portable digital video recorder (DVR), is a drop-in replacement for tape-based recording devices. The newest version offers improved mechanical design, greater tolerance to shock and vibration, and an enhanced user interface.

The NDT200 fits the same footprint as a Sony Video Walkman and records
onto a 2.5-inch removable hard drive, providing a standard, convenient
recording medium while saving space in remote applications. Ideal for a
wide variety of applications, the NDT 200 is engineered for
high-quality video recording in remote locations and specifically
designed to meet the unique needs of surveillance and security
organizations, video analysts, emergency "first-response" teams, law
enforcement, government, and military agencies.

The touch-pad user interface and large push button controls make this
DVR familiar and uncomplicated to operate. All functions can be
controlled via the touch-pad, soft buttons, and LCD panel on top of the
unit or from an external PC or VTR controller. Video clips can be
recorded in QuickTime format for playback on a PC or Mac or as FFV
secure video files. They then can be downloaded to PC or Mac systems
via the onboard USB 2.0 port or through the removal of the hard drive
and the insertion of the drive into a suitably equipped PC or Mac.

The NDT 200’s standard features include selectable compression ratios
(from 4:1 to 30:1), dual-channel audio, character displays, jog scan
and scrub features, as well as analogue composite and S-Video (Y/C)
inputs and outputs. With additional upgrades such as external trigger
inputs, time-date stamp, time-lapse recording, and loop and pre-event
recording, the NDT 200 is a powerhouse of a DVR. The recorder’s
internal digital specification is full-frame, full-motion CCIR-601 with
a color space of 4:2:2. External control is available through optional
machine control software, and the recorder may be powered through an
external low-voltage DC input.



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