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PM says civil liberties must be balanced with security in battling terrorism

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BRIDGETOWN, N.S. — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he has to balance civil liberties with public safety when it comes to protecting against terrorism.

Trudeau made the comments today in Bridgetown, N.S., in his first reaction to an alleged terrorist plot that led to the death of Aaron Driver in Strathroy, Ont.

Last week, the RCMP fielded media questions about why it was the FBI and not the Mounties who discovered a video that led them to Driver, who police said had threatened to detonate an explosive in an urban centre.

Driver died Wednesday night after a confrontation with police that saw a bomb detonated in a taxi cab.

Trudeau said he congratulates the security services and police for “having managed to prevent any incidents related to this particular individual.”


He said his office has made clear to a parliamentary committee reviewing reforms to the anti-terrorist bill C-51 that it should consider incidents like the Driver case.

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