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Amika Mobile's Amika Panic and Amika I-am-OK personal safety mobile app is now available on the Google Play Store. The app allows mobile users to issue a panic alert from almost anywhere, sending their location and status in a major disaster or emergency situation, or just indicating when they arrive safely at their destination.

Amika Panic for mobile is a panic button app for smartphones while at work or away from work that addresses emergency communication as users mix personal and work environments in the enterprise with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to work. According to Gartner analysts, 50% of enterprise users will be BYOD by 2017.
For organizations, Amika Panic works in conjunction with the Amika Mobility Server (AMS) which provides complete critical and emergency communications and control enabling situational awareness, information sharing, rapid alerting across all devices and networks, and control through advanced integration with physical security to issue or trigger lockdowns on demand. Security teams can set up profiles for staff, identifying who is alerted based on each sender’s organizational role and location.
For individual users, Amika Panic provides an easy and quick way to alert friends and loved-ones help is needed or with Amika I-am-OK when the user is no longer in danger. Click the button on the app and your message is immediately sent to your select contacts.
“The release of Amika Panic and Amika I-am-OK are key milestones for Amika Mobile. In a world where travelers are kidnapped, female students are attacked on campus, or people just want peace of mind, these applications make a lot of sense as they not only deliver the panic or I-am-Ok indication, they also provide the location to the security teams and loved ones,” said Amika Mobile CEO Dr. Sue Abu-Hakima.
The public safety and security market is growing from $305B in 2011 to $546B in 2022 according to Homeland Security Research Corp. in Washington, DC.  Amika Panic in conjunction with AMS fits into this market which includes communication systems and devices and mass notification.
Amika Panic and Amika I-am-OK were highly reviewed as ASIS 2013 Accolades products for an ASIS People’s Choice Award.
Amika Panic can be downloaded off the Android store for personal use. It can also be purchased with AMS by contacting Amika Mobile or one of its Partners listed at Demonstrations of the AMS and Amika Panic for Mobile will be available at ISC West 2014 in Las Vegas, NV; IACLEA 2014 in Montreal, Quebec; and ASIS 2014 in Atlanta, GA.

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