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Gallagher has introduced the K20 Tensioner Link System, a perimeter fence hardware solution which offers both improved performance and aesthetics. The product has been developed to enable faster and increasingly consistent installation of the system while providing enhanced security and easier maintenance and trouble-shooting.

Further key features of the system include high durability, achieved through high quality materials and coatings, and the potential to retro fit the upgraded technology to existing Gallagher electric security fences. Pivoting Mount Technology, and an extensive range of accessories, enables the K20 platform to cope with a wide range of installation scenarios.
The flexibility of the K20 system will continue to increase as the technology is developed and further components are added to the design. Future enhancements to the product’s basic capability include enhanced climb protection, cable management accessories, and an intermediate elevation strain insulator.
Gallagher has also launched the Z10 Tension Sensor System. Designed to include a superior, intelligent, attack sensor, the Z10 system is fully integrated with the Gallagher Command Centre and overcomes shortcomings in conventional taut wire technologies to provide exceptional fence wire disturbance detection. When combined with other Gallagher detection and deterrent technologies a highly effective, layered, multi-technology perimeter solution can be created.
Future enhancements to the Z10 system include: tension reporting in Command Centre, enhanced cable protection, Z10 specific intermediate insulators.
Features at a glance
K20 Tensioner Link System
* Rated for continuous outdoor use
* Compatible with previous generation products – fits standard Gallagher security posts
* Universal mount for all strain hardware
* Suits 60mm and 91mm pitch systems
* Pivoting Mount Technology and central wire entry for tensioner and wire alignment
* Pivot pins designed to prevent tensioner removal
* Steel reinforced shank to prevent attempts to remove the tensioner
* Circuit connection on tensioner eliminates joint clamps
* Circuit connection on tensioner eliminates configuring link movement during tensioning
* Continuous conductive circuit – no redundant paths
* Supports Gallagher Aluminium/Steel wire from 2.0 – 2.7mm (14 – 11 SWG) diameter
* 15kg (33lb) and 40kg (88lb) spring/tension indicator options
* New Gallagher charcoal / black colours
Z10 Tensioner Sensor System
* Real-time continuous fence wire tension measurement
* Includes all K20 features
* Activity reporting
* Maintenance warnings
* Icon representation on site plans
* Full Gallagher Command Centre integration
* HBUS Field device communication protocol
* Overload detection
* Moisture and dust protection to IP68
* Maintenance mode for on board indication of correct tension and fault code display
* Sensor grouping for logical attack zones and fences containing different wire types
* Impact resistant to IK07
* High voltage and Low feel compatible
* FIM compatible
* On-board LED display
* Walk Test Mode for alarm-generation demonstration and verification
* Slow attack detection
* Compliant with Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliant regulations

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