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Securing the Bottom Line

Canadian Security recently hosted a Q&A with Panasonic about security management and surveillance.  Discover how video surveillance is more than a security tool, but a business tool empowering companies to enhance their overall operations, business functions and bottom line.

Canadian Security: For security management in Canada, how has the use of video surveillance changed over the past several years?
Mike Reynolds: There is no arguing that IP-video products or network-based products have become the dominant factor in the surveillance world. This technology is so powerful that it offers businesses and corporations of all sizes more flexibility, more functionality, and more intelligence. At the end of the day, IP-based video solutions allow security end users to do so much more than what they used to be able to do with analogue technology.

CS: What new video surveillance-related technology has made securing a business easier and more efficient?
MR: If I were to name one, it would be compression technology. Simply put, advancement in compression technology has made it possible for security end users to send a lot of information, like video data, more efficiently and more cost-effectively from point A to point B. With today’s IP-video technology, data can be transmitted faster and over longer distances at a fraction of the cost of yesteryear. For businesses, this means they can better manage and use their network bandwidth, which ultimately benefits their IT infrastructure.

CS: How are Canadian businesses balancing the ever-growing need for security with the ongoing need to protect people’s privacy?
MR: Panasonic recently produced a research paper, reviewing Canadians perspective surrounding privacy and security to help us understand this ever-growing need. The study surveyed more than 1,500 Canadians, coast to coast, in every age demographic, male and female. We had an overwhelming response saying that security outweighs privacy. Although Canadians take great pride in their privacy, they also realize that security and public safety cannot be ignored. And when it comes to businesses in such sectors as health care, transportation, natural resources and education, the majority of them see the need for higher levels of security, including video surveillance, to secure their environments.

Download and read the latest whitepaper on the Canadian perspective regarding privacy and security in today’s society of sophisticated surveillance.

CS: Besides security applications, how is video surveillance being used by companies to enhance their overall business operations?
MR: Video surveillance is much more than a security tool — it is now a business tool, with bottom-line business advantages. In certain applications, like retail and education, it empowers a business to improve its operations, its customer service and its marketing. Video now has the capabilities of capturing extra data. It can think and it is smart. In the retail sector, for example, IP video can monitor heat mapping and crowd control; it can understand where people move in environments versus areas where they are not moving. It can count people coming in and going out of any location, which is vital for a company’s marketing strategies. Combine the intelligence behind the camera with the data and analytics video now provides, and what you have is an eye in the sky that every business can benefit from.

CS: What is the future of video surveillance as it relates to how Canadian businesses use it to protect their facilities, assets and staff?
MR: Over the last few years, video surveillance has become smarter, faster, and more efficient. We are now focusing on the reliability of the product. Businesses need solutions that are reliable, help reduce the total cost of ownership and provide a return on their investment. With the continued evolution of IP video, security management personnel across Canada are bringing in new technologies that help with the overall financial well-being of the companies they are tasked to secure and protect.

CS: What is unique about Panasonic’s video surveillance solutions?
MR: Panasonic has one of the most reliable products in the market and this is what makes us stand out — we build reliability. We offer a free five-year warranty to all of our customers because we stand behind the reliability of our products. Panasonic offers more than just security solutions. Our complete suite of professional solutions address unified communications, mobile computing, retail point-ofsale, office productivity, visual communications (projectors, displays, digital signage), and HD video production. We deliver game-changing technology solutions for our customers and our customer’s customers. What truly sets us apart is we are able to utilize what we know about the marketplace and the customer’s requirements and pain points to be able to build solutions end to end, not just security.

Mike Reynolds is the Security Products Marketing Manager, IT and Security Products Division for Panasonic Canada Inc.

For more information on how Panasonic’s video surveillance solutions can help protect and secure your business, visit:

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