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Pam Am security came in under budget

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The Globe and Mail is reporting that the cost for the Pam Am Games held this past summer came in lower than the 2009 budget that was originally set for the bid. A large savings was realized through security, which came in below the projected $239 million.

According to the Globe:

About half of the savings, compared with the 2015 budget, was in transportation and security spending. The first came in $23-million lower, officials said, because of smooth operations, decent weather and a less-than-expected need for advertising and other messaging. Security rang in $54-million below the 2015 projection of $239-million, in part because of luck.

“If something happened during the Pan Am Games, the cost would’ve probably exceeded the $239-million,” acknowledged Michael Coteau, the provincial minister responsible for the Games. “We’d be having a completely different conversation.”

Read the full story on the Globe and Mail website here.


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