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OPP report details five minutes of terror on Parliament Hill

By The Canadian Press   

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Five minutes of terror: A timeline of how Michael Zehaf Bibeau went from shooting a soldier at the National War Memorial to dying in a firefight inside the Centre Block. The details are based on an Ontario Provincial Police investigation into the response of security forces during the Oct. 22 shootings in Ottawa.

9:47 a.m.: Michael Zehaf Bibeau, with a loaded rifle and a long knife, drives his Toyota Corolla to the National War Memorial. He parks and gets out about 10 feet away from the ceremonial guards.

9:50:00 a.m.: Zehaf Bibeau fires one shot into Cpl. Nathan Cirillo’s back as the soldier stands on the west side of the memorial. Cirillo falls onto his hands and knees. He crawls towards the east side of the tomb of the unknown soldier. Zehaf Bibeau shoots him in the back a second time. Cirillo lies prone on his stomach. Zehaf Bibeau shoots him a third time. Zehaf Bibeau turns towards the Langevin Block and yells something similar to “Iraq.”

9:52:23 a.m.: Zehaf Bibeau gets back in his car. He reverses 60 metres to Elgin Street and crosses the street towards Parliament Hill. He parks his car on Wellington Street in the north lane – the one closest to Parliament Hill – and gets out.

9:53:16 a.m.: Seconds later, Zehaf Bibeau runs up to a minister’s car parked in front of the East Block. “Get out of the car and I won’t kill you,” he says. The driver gets out and runs. Zehaf Bibeau jumps in and drives to the Centre Block.


9:53:23 a.m.: A woman with a stroller tells an RCMP officer there is a man with a gun by the East Block. The RCMP officer radios an alert. Her message is garbled. No one understands her. The woman tries to get in the cruiser. The delay allows Zehaf Bibeau to drive unimpeded to the front door of the Centre Block.

9:53:37 a.m.: Zehaf Bibeau stops the black car on the west side of the Peace Tower. Leaving the car in gear, he gets out and runs up to the main entrance of the Centre Block. A witness tells police later he thought he heard Zehaf Bibeau yell “Allahu akbar (God is great).”

9:53:46 a.m.: Zehaf Bibeau bursts into the Centre Block and yells either, “Someone is going to get it today,” “Have a nice day” or “Get out of my way.” House security guard Samearn Son sees Zehaf Bibeau’s rifle, yells, “Gun,” and lunges at Zehaf Bibeau.

9:53:51 a.m.: As Son tries to wrestle the rifle away from Zehaf Bibeau, the gun goes off and a bullet ricochets into Son’s leg. Zehaf Bibeau aims the rifle at a second guard, but doesn’t fire.

9:53:55 a.m.: Zehaf Bibeau fires a second round, this one aimed down the Hall of Honour, at the top of the stairs entering the rotunda. A House of Commons security guard fires “several” rounds at Zehaf Bibeau. Zehaf Bibeau fires one round in return.

9:54 a.m.: Zehaf Bibeau runs down Hall of Honour. He’s told repeatedly to drop his gun. He doesn’t. Zehaf Bibeau is shot at several times as he moves down the hall. Zehaf Bibeau hides behind a pillar in an alcove in front of the Library of Parliament. As RCMP officers move down the hall towards Zehaf Bibeau, the gunman fires one round at them. They fire back.
9:55 a.m.: House of Commons sergeant-at-arms Kevin Vickers stands on the opposite side of Zehaf Bibeau, the pillar between them. Vickers peeks around and sees what he thinks is a double-barreled shotgun. Zehaf Bibeau is taking deep, laboured, heavy breaths. Vickers dives to his left and fires up at Zehaf Bibeau. Zehaf Bibeau falls to his knees. Vickers rolls into a sitting position one metre from Zehaf Bibeau and keeps firing until his magazine is empty. RCMP officers fire as well.

9:55:45 a.m.: An RCMP officer raises his hand. “Stop shooting! Stop shooting! Enough!” Another officer checks Zehaf Bibeau’s pulse. The officer handcuffs him. Another radios for an ambulance.

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