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With 2017 now behind us, many CIOs are looking ahead. They’re grappling with big questions but the No. 1 priority should be cybersecurity.
Canadian Security is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2018. We asked several security professionals to submit their thoughts on the industry and reflect on 40 years of change. In each issue of Canadian Security magazine, we will feature a new columnist. First is Jason Caissie, vice-president of operations for The Profile Group and a past chair of the ASIS Toronto chapter.
Enterprises are able to collect more data than ever before, but without an efficient way to manage and secure that data across the enterprise, whether it resides on physical and virtual servers, multiple Cloud providers, applications or endpoints, they will never be able to realize the full benefits of a truly data-driven and secure business. Security needs to be built into the data management platform from an end user’s computer to backup storage, regardless of whether it resides on-premise or in a private, public or hybrid Cloud.
From an outsider's perspective, in order to become an International Close Protection Operative it should be pretty straight forward, right? They just have to be big, no-necked, muscle-bound and be able to jostle their way through the swathes of people in a crowd with their Principal, yes?
With each passing day, more and more consumers are making the switch to online shopping. And why wouldn’t they? It’s quick, reliable and easy. As a consumer, you can have nearly any item you can imagine delivered to your door (in some cases same day) without ever having to leave the house.
According to the FBI, ransomware attacks grew by more than 300 per cent in 2016. Its overwhelming effectiveness has made it an attack method of choice for cyber criminals and its continual evolution is what helps its variants evade the security defences working to detect them.
The new amendments of the Digital Privacy Act (DPA) will require businesses to disclose cyber-attacks to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, or face the prospect of hefty fines. Organizations need to take decisive action to secure their networks and gain full network visibility before the legislation comes into effect.
Big data has been described as the “new currency” for business, and with the number of threats to data security growing, protecting that data has become a top concern.
It is human nature to sometimes take for granted the services we expect to be there when needed.We turn on the tap and clean water begins to flow. We flick a switch and a dark room is instantly illuminated. We complain about the cost of fuel and traffic congestion yet still our vehicles traverse the roadways of our cities and we give little to no thought to the complex grid of traffic signals, cameras and rail crossings that contribute to making our journey safe.
Continuous Visual Observation (CVO) programs vary significantly from healthcare organization to healthcare organization.CVO, also called “Patient Watch,” “1:1” or “Constant Observation” in many organizations, is often viewed as a low-paid, onboarding/entry-level position.   
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