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Ontario Privacy Commissioner and University of Toronto to hold joint conference

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The Identity, Privacy, and Security Institute (IPSI) at the University of Toronto, in association with the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, will hold the first SmartData International Symposium later this month.

The event will be held over two days, May 14-16, at the University of Toronto campus, and will include more than 20 experts from around the world, covering many different disciplines.

Topics covered will include:

The Challenge – Big Data and Privacy
The amount of online data is increasing at an alarming rate. Over the course of 24 hours, we now generate the same amount of data as was captured from the beginning of recorded history up to the year 2003. More knowledge and data may lead to undeniable economic and social benefits, but privacy issues arise when it comes to our personal information and the linkage of our data. How can we have both Big Data and Big Privacy? By devising a smart way to protect our data, that allows the data to effectively ‘think’ for itself.

The Solution – “SmartData”
SmartData aims to provide a futuristic solution by creating Internet-based virtual agents, which will act as an individual’s online proxy to securely store their personal information, and disclose it based upon an individual’s preferences and instructions.

The Benefit – Preserve our Privacy into the Future
The future of privacy may well depend on our ability to reclaim our personal control of our online information and identities. The goal of this symposium is to advance the SmartData vision, to shape the future of the Internet, ensuring individual liberty and freedom via privacy protection, in the midst of 21st century technology and Big Data.

For a complete list of speakers and more details, visit the SmartData website.

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