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Obzerv’s ARGC-2400 helps protect Asian waterway

Jennifer Brown   

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Extreme CCTV and Obzerv Technologies recently integrated Obzerv’s ARGC-2400 Advanced Long Range Active-Imager with a radar detection system for a maritime security project at a critical waterway in Asia.


According to the vendors, the ARGC-2400, a range-gated active-imaging
system that provides high-resolution long-range night vision through
rain, snow and fog, enables defence and homeland security authorities
to identify threats more quickly than any other system.

It also reads licence plates at 1.5 km, recognizes human
beings at 5 km, classifies vehicles at 10 km and pinpoints people in
search and rescue at distances greater than 10 km. The ARGC-2400, which
is equipped with GPS technology, also functions as a high-power 240x
telescope, allowing definitive video interrogation of suspicious
activities from long range.



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