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Secura Key announces that it is now offering HID-compatible 26-bit Wiegand-effect access control cards. These cards are available through Secura Key’s distributor and dealer network.

Although true Wiegand-effect swipe cards are considered a legacy technology, many large access control systems continue to use Wiegand technology because the readers are sealed, reliable, weatherproof units, and because the cards are extremely difficult to copy and they do not wear out. Secura Key can offer multi-technology cards incorporating both Wiegand and contactless smart card technology in a single package.

This allows Wiegand card customers a new upgrade path to the Secura Key eTag Contactless Smart Card line. By using etched inlays instead of air coil construction, Secura Key is able to get better contactless read range from a multi-technology Wiegand card, as well as better cosmetic appearance.  Secura Key offers four-colour custom printing, optional mag stripe, laser-engraved card numbers, plus shorter lead times — cards are usually shipped within two weeks.
Secura Key

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