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Multifunction high security door

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SÄLZER has developed a multifunction door, part of its SECUFIRE series, which combines a range of different security requirements. The door offers extensive protection against forced entry (up to level RC4), ballistic attack (up to level FB4-NS), fire (up to EI45), smoke (S200) and blast (tested with a charge of 500kg).

The door is fully glazed and is equipped with an anti-panic lock making it applicable for emergency exit use.

Architects, designers and high-risk property owners are familiar with the problem: on the one hand doors have to offer protection against fire and smoke, on the other hand the door must withstand ballistic, forced entry or blast attacks. Often the entrance doors are the emergency exit and anti-panic locks has to be installed. Additionally the door should be architecturally challenging and have huge glazing and slim profiles.

There is no other door in the world that fulfills the vast range of protective and safety requirements that the SÄLZER SYSTEM SECUFIRE door does.

To ensure a high level of forced entry protection against to the European Standard EN 1627-1630 (resistant levels RC3 + RC4), with a fully glazed door equipped with anti-panic locks according to EN 179 or  EN 1125 it was necessary to use glazing with a  polycarbonate interlayer.

The door successfully withstood the forced entry attempts required by the standard. Specifically SÄLZER ensured that it was not possible to trigger the anti-panic function by breaking through the door from the outside. Because polycarbonate is a synthetic material, which burns easily and is not adequate for normal use in fire-resistant doors and pure fire-resistant glazing offers no protection against forced entry (because it is possible to break through the glass in only a few seconds), SÄLZER developed a new glass and door structure with an altered foam-sealing set-up in case of emergency.

The new construction was fire tested according to EN 1363-1, 1363-2 and 1634-1 and withstood the fire for approximately 45 minutes meeting level El 45.  This was the first time that a fully glazed forced entry resistant door level RC4, with anti-panic look was successfully fire tested to such a high level.  

Additionally SECUFIRE is bullet resistant according EN 1522+1523 (up to FB4-NS, tested with a .357 Mag + .44 Rem. Magnum), offers smoke protection (S200, protection against up to 200° hot smoke) and blast resistance (up to a charge of 500kg).

The robust steel tube door is also qualified for high frequency use areas because of the successful durability test with 200 000 open and closing cycles (meeting the highest level – European Standard C5).

The SECUFIRE door does away for the need for two separate door structures (one for fire and one for security) . The two-door system created a range of dangers as well as additional space requirements and costs.

The multifunctional SECUFIRE door is versatile and is applicable for use in industrial buildings, museum, banks or national properties. Use in prisons is also possible because the door has been tested with appropriate prison locks.

In general all conventional locks whether mechanical, electromechanical or motorized can be used. It is possible to integrate electronic elements for example a door drive (handicapped accessible) or magnetic contacts etc.

At the recent 2014 Essen Security Fair in Germany, the SECUFIRE  door won top honours in the prestigious annual Security Innovation Awards against competition from around the world in the Technology & Products  Category.

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