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MOBOTIX's MxActivitySensor registers the traveling movement of people and objects, while dismissing redundant changes and movement in the scene, reducing the number of false alarms. The MxActivitySensor is directly integrated in the camera. Only relevant events trigger an alarm, which is sent out over the network, allowing users to save bandwidth. When a human or vehicle moves through the camera's field of view, MxActivitySensor triggers the camera to initiate an alarm action, such as recording, phone call, email, sms, etc. The MxActivitySensor ignores all other changes in the environment such as snow, rain, wind, light, moving clouds and trees. S15, D15 and V15 camera models are equipped with the MxActivitySensor. MxActivitySensor has been released within the latest MOBOTIX camera software update from 4.1.6 which is available as a free download. MxActivitySensor is compatible with the following camera models - Q24M, M24M, D24M, T24M, D14Di, S14 and V14 (secure camera models only).

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