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Mint employee smuggled gold in body cavity

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An employee of the Royal Canadian Mint has been convicted of theft, after apparently smuggling $162,000 in gold “pucks” out of the building, likely in his rectum, the National Post reports.

According to the article, Ontario Justice Peter Doody accepted the Crown theory that Leston Lawrence, 35, snuck 22 cylindrical gold disks in a body cavity to evade metal detectors.

The National Post article reads:

“Court heard Lawrence set off the archway metal detector — which all 1,000 secure-area employees must pass through — 28 times in 41 days between Dec. 15, 2014 and March 2, 2015.

The evidence from the records of the archway metal detectors is consistent with the defendant having regularly secreted gold in his rectum


Still, he was cleared each time by a secondary search with a hand-held wand.

In fact, the Mint never began investigating Lawrence, nor did it ever discover (independently) that its gold stock was being stolen.”

The pucks are reported to be about the diameter of a golf ball but cylindrical, and weigh 220 grams.

Read the full National Post article here.

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