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Manitoba high school to hire security guard

According to a CTV news report, Steinbach Regional Secondary School has received board approval to hire a security guard to provide additional safety for its 1,700 students.

December 17, 2015
By Canadian Security


Hanover School Division Superintendent Randy Dueck characterized the hiring as “proactive” rather than “reactive.”

According to the article:

“We have a population in that building right now of 2,000 people; 1,700 plus students and then staff over and above. So it’s the size of a small village,” he said.

The superintendent assured students are “safe and secure,” and added the school wants to keep it that way.


He said the division will likely hire a security company out of Winnipeg to provide the guard.

While an advertisement for a security guard has not yet been posted, Dueck said the extra security is expected to cost around $10,000 this school year.

Read the full article on the CTV website here.

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