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Low profile asset tag

Elpas, part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco, announces the availability of its new Low Profile Asset Tag designed for security professionals who need to enhance laptop security when physical locking options are not feasible.

The Low Profile Asset Tag unifies traditional Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) with real-time active location-based tracking systems (RTLS) to help guard against any unauthorized transfers of high-value mobile IT assets such as handheld devices and laptop computers. The Low Profile Tag is designed to trigger tamper detection alarms, asset removal warnings, and entrance and exit notifications.

“Throughout the world there is an increase in theft of mobile IT assets. The Elpas Low Profile Asset Tag links users to assets and designated building areas without the need for additional software on the mobile asset,” said Michael Wasserstein, General Manager of Elpas. “Consequently, IT asset shrinkage can be more effectively prevented or deterred by combining EAS anti-theft signaling with real-time location tracking.”   

The Elpas Low Profile Asset Tag is part of Elpas’ growing portfolio of application specific Active RFID Tags. Facilities can leverage one scalable location tracking system and infrastructure for asset management, staff protection, as well as infant abduction protection. Elpas location-based tracking solutions provide safety, security and visibility throughout any facility to help reduce costs and increase ROI.

The Low Profile Asset Tag is available for immediate delivery through Elpas’ worldwide network of qualified partners and resellers.


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