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Clearing a path to productivity. A path to win. It’s right there in our name. And the result of our commitment to creating freedom — freedom to focus, to think, to succeed. Sit/stand continuous use technical desks. A furniture system of intelligent ergonomics to become an extension of body and mind. Seamless integration. Impeccable detail. Inspired design. A higher functioning form and function. Our mission is to engineer the environments where design meets detail and comfort creates control. Meeting all ISO and OSHA guidelines. Exceeding all expectations. Mission accomplished.

What is ‘situational awareness’ and why does it matter?

Situational awareness refers to the knowledge and environmental understanding that allows operators to make correct decisions in complex situations. Good situational awareness means operators understand what’s going on around them, along with the impact of their actions.

Operators with poor situational awareness are more likely to make potentially disastrous mistakes. An ill-equipped or distracted operator who makes the wrong decision at a critical time can cause harm to coworkers, the surrounding community, or the environment.

Situational awareness is impacted by many factors including lighting, sound, and ergonomics. However, situational awareness supported by ergonomics starts and stops at the operator’s console and chair.

Winsted is the world leader in control room console solutions. Winsted’s team of experts have combined disciplines of industrial design, ergonomics, and interior design.

Control room consoles and chairs operate less as traditional office furniture and more as critical pieces of equipment that contribute to the success of your operation, employee health and satisfaction.

Well-built technical furniture typically offers the option of height-adjustable work surfaces, personal environmental systems, personal storage, and other elements that contribute to user comforts.

A furniture system developed with intelligent ergonomics can become an extension of an operator’s body and mind and can clear a path to productivity.

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Selecting the right control room furniture for your needs

When building a control room, it’s important to understand the difference between technical furniture and traditional office furniture.

A well-built control room is an extension of the operator, providing optimal support through purposeful design and advanced technology. Control room furniture plays a significant role in minimizing distractions and maximizing focus.

Quality, durability, cable management, easy access, and ergonomics are key differentiators between average office desks and true technical furniture.

Winsted designs mission critical control room consoles and technical furniture. Furniture as an extension of the human form - the ultimate form of function. At Winsted, we design furniture to seamlessly integrate into any workspace.

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Control Room Design - POINT. CLICK. DONE.

Say hello to the MOST ADVANCED console design software! WELS is a console design software tool that makes control room design and layout fast, easy, accurate and fun.

This interactive, Winsted-exclusive, user-friendly, 3D control room design software program lets you use Winsted consoles and furniture to quickly design control room solutions that meet your needs. WELS is easy to use – and requires no additional design/CAD software to operate.

WELS is FREE and helps users prioritize control room functionality and situational awareness.

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