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Videx Inc., an Oregon-based vendor of access control and data collection products, has announced the release of CyberLock access control for refinery operations, pipelines and remote oil and gas well sites. According to the vendor, CyberLock electronic cylinders convert existing mechanical lock hardware and padlocks into full-functioning access control systems.

Each cylinder contains a microprocessor and memory and is designed to
the exact dimensional standards of the mechanical cylinder it is
replacing. No hardwiring or structural changes are required for

The system consists of a CyberLock cylinder that cannot be picked, and
the CyberKey that, says Videx, cannot be duplicated. Both the lock and
the key store an audit trail of events so management can track the
comings and goings of service technicians and subcontractors.

The locks can be installed on doors to buildings’ sheltering control
panels, on cabinets’ housing equipment, and in padlocks on gates
securing well sites. Managers can set access schedules in their user
keys, including specific days and hours, and view the audit trail of
activity at various sites in their region all from one central office


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