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IR unleashes dogging indicator

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Door control is a constant security issue for health care facilities. When doors are being dogged (not latched) and undogged (latched) on a regular basis, the time spent monitoring the status of every exit device in perimeter doors can consume much of the limited maintenance time available.

Von Duprin’s (Ingersoll Rand) answer to this problem was the creation
of a visual dogging Indicator which is available as an add-on for 98/99
and XP exit device line. The PCB design monitors the dogging mechanism
and provides a visual indicator light at five second intervals when the
device is in the un-dogged (latch bolt released) condition. This
provides maintenance personnel a visual cue from up to 75 feet away. In
addition to added security, the indicator could save half an hour to 45
minutes for the average size hospital in door security checks

Ingersol Rand

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