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Seco-Larm offers several new long-range IR day/night cameras with specialized lenses, providing various options for range and viewing angle. All the new units use the Sony 1/3. CCD chip for color pictures with 420 TV lines at a very low lux (0.1 lux with LEDs off and 0 lux with LEDs on), with 24 LEDs to provide IR illumination.

Additionally, the cameras incorporate automatic backlight compensation, automatic white balance and automatic gain control. These cameras are for use in various lighting conditions. Made of die-cast aluminum with a waterrproof (IP67) design with sunscreen, these cameras are designed for indoor and outdoor applications requiring IR illumination.

An adjustable bracket for wall and ceiling mount is used for installation. The following is the current line-up of new cameras: EV-1323C12DWL with a six millimeter lens and 53-degree viewing angle; EV-132C-DWL8 with an eight millimeter lens and 39-degree viewing angle; the EV-132C-DWLD with a 12 mm lens and 26-degree viewing angle and the EV-132C-DWLH with a 16 mm lens and a 19-degree viewing angle Seco-Larm.

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