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IP communications receiver for monitoring apps

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Bosch Security Systems, Inc., has expanded its Information Transport Solutions portfolio with the Conettix D6100i Communications Receiver/Gateway. The new receiver offers a low-cost point of entry into IP communications for monitoring for small central stations, university campuses or gated communities.

Providing higher security than receivers that only support phone line
communications, the Conettix D6100i acknowledges supervision messages
from control panels, which helps ensure uninterrupted functionality.
The monitoring signals can be sent at a programmed rate ranging from
five seconds to 21 minutes to accommodate the differing security needs
of various applications. If authentication and encryption algorithms
detect potentially damaging activity, such as substitution or replaying
of messages, the central station operator is alerted.

By using existing Internet or intranet structures to receive
communications, the Conettix D6100i enables higher speed transmissions
and helps customers to reduce their system operating costs by
eliminating phone lines dedicated for primary communications between
control panels and the monitoring station. In addition to integrated IP
support, the D6100i offers phone line connections for receiving
simultaneous local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) and
telephone communications, allowing use of the PSTN for back-up in the
event of a network or Internet failure.

The Conettix D6100i can support up to 3200 accounts for LAN or WAN
communications, as well as two phone lines, which enable the receiver
to accept reports from more accounts than a single-line receiver and
results in fewer busy signals — allowing more data to get through to
the central station automation system. Additional features include two
programmable inputs and outputs for easy connection to automation
systems, programming software and printers, as well as a unique
protocol for flexible transmissions through firewalls, and two-way
audio support for alarm verification.

The new receiver uses menu-driven keypad programming for simple set-up
without special tools, and the large liquid crystal display is easy to
read. Its design makes the D6100i ideal for installation in
crowded service centers or guard shacks, where available space is



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