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Inside Security Leadership: What will security look like in 2025?

By Francis D’Addario Bob Hayes and Kathleen Kotwica   

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Organizations are now more complex than ever before, and there’s no evidence that the coming years will reverse this trend. Companies have adapted to succeed in a global and decentralized market economy, increasing reliance on vendors, suppliers and contract staff for what were previously in-house operations. They have changed their internal structure to better compete in changing markets and a down economy, and they have learned to leverage new technologies to increase the speed of both communication and business.

This complexity has brought new risks that pose an ongoing security challenge, at a time when security is arguably already at a disadvantage. Many institutions still have not regained confidence following the decade of security shortfalls that began in 2001. Global markets and governments face continued uncertainty, leading many businesses to stop investing in new infrastructure and programs and to instead cut costs and staff in an effort to weather a storm that may or may not be coming. Yet if organizations do not develop or maintain a robust risk strategy, they could suffer stunted growth and loss of revenue.

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