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IndigoVision releases new features for integration with Cardax

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IndigoVision has updated its Cardax integration module to allow video to be viewed within Cardax FT Command Centre, the access control manufacturer’s central management tool. Live video, which is streamed across the IP network, can be viewed by selecting specific camera feeds or in response to an event or alarm.

The video can be used for intercom applications or identification purposes and within the Cardax FT Challenge module. This provides the ability to double-check the identity of cardholders passing through an entry point via visual comparison of a cardholder’s image against a picture from a live IndigoVision video feed.

The Cardax interface is currently one of 23 modules that allow seamless integration over the IP network with ‘Control Center’, IndigoVision’s Security Management Software, and other third-party systems such as access control, intruder alarm, BMS, process control and Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS).

The benefits of integrating systems together can be significant, allowing the user to trigger operations in one system from events generated in another. For example, an alarm generated by a forced door can trigger an alarm in ‘Control Center’, which in turn automatically moves a PTZ camera to a preset position, displays the video of the incident and indicates the location on a schematic map. Some of the integration modules allow 2-way operation, allowing for example, an analytics motion detection event generated in a camera to lock doors and trigger a local alarm.

In an integrated security environment the most used interface is normally the surveillance system. This coupled with IndigoVision’s sophisticated alarm handling capabilities makes ‘Control Center’ the obvious place to consolidate alarms from all the systems. These advanced alarm features allow ‘Control Center’ to operate in what is known as a ‘black’ or ‘dark’ screen monitoring mode, where video is only displayed on alarm. This method of operation is recognized as providing a more efficient operator environment that leads to quicker incident response.


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