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IndigoVision releases analytics for IP video

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IndigoVision has released a new package of real-time analytics for its complete integrated IP Video system. The analytics run in the camera at the ”˜network edge’ making the solution totally scalable and not reliant on central processing to analyze the video.

The new analytics algorithms include intelligent re-arming, hooded
camera filter, dual tripwires and "no motion" alarms. This allows
pre-determined events to be identified as they happen, at any camera,
and then drive the virtual matrix, e.g. display a salvo on a bank of
The re-arming analytics feature was developed in direct response to a
customer requirement to monitor the helicopter arrivals at a hospital.
The operators are automatically alerted to the helicopter landing via
an alarm in ”˜Control Center’, IndigoVision’s IP Video and alarm
management software. The alarm is triggered by the motion of the
helicopter in the scene.
The ”˜hooded camera’ filter creates an alarm if the ”˜region of interest’
is obscured, e.g. covering the camera, spray painting the lens or
excessive de-focusing of the camera. The ”˜no motion’ filter can be used
to monitor items such as machines and escalators and trigger an alarm
if they stop. The new ”˜dual tripwire’ feature extends the functionality
of the existing tripwire algorithm with the addition of a second
tripwire and configurable parameters that determine how the two
tripwires interact with each other.
These new features complement the existing suite of analytics which can
be run in real-time at the camera or on recorded video in ”˜Control
Center’ for post-event analysis. The existing analytics include
congestion detection, motion detection, abandoned object detection,
counter flow, virtual tripwire, shape-based detection, object tracking
and theft detection.

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