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iBR9000 built tough for security checkpoint applications

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The iBR9000 is the newest in a family of iButton readers designed and manufactured by Videx. The small and lightweight iBR9000 is ideal for use in any checkpoint application where you need to know who was there, and when they were there.

This miniaturized data collector measures 2-¾ inches in length, weighs
less than two ounces, and easily fits on a key ring or in the user’s

Built to withstand the harshest operating conditions, testing reveals
that it easily holds up to the repeated impact of six-foot drops.  With
its high-impact fiberglass-reinforced nylon case and stainless steel
read head, the iBR9000 excels at electronically documenting security
guard checkpoints, inmate tracking, and safety and fire inspections.

The iBR9000 provides an audible tone and its LED light flashes when it
reads an iButton successfully.  Thanks to ample memory capacity, you
can store at least 9,000 reads before the next download of your data. 
Powered by a standard 3-volt lithium camera-style battery, the
iBR9000’s battery life is impressive: up to a full year or 75,000
consecutive button reads.  The batteries are inexpensive and easy to
find and can be changed on-the-go without any loss of data.

iButtons are dime-sized metal canisters containing a unique ID number that cannot be duplicated.  
When the iBR9000 touches an iButton, the button’s ID is stored in its
memory, along with the date and time of contact.  iButtons can be
assigned to represent a person, a location, an item, or even an


When a day’s work is done, flexible communications software
facilitates downloading the collected data to a computer by making an
infrared connection to the IR port on a PC or MAC, or to a cellular PDA
in the field.  The iBR9000 software provides a detailed report of who,
where, and when for management’s review.  For those companies that want
to host multiple clients, a server version of the software is also

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