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High-speed system for challenging apps

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Bosch Security Systems, Inc. has introduced a High-Speed Positioning System (HSPS) for tracking fast-moving objects with high-resolution optics.

The new surveillance system series combines a fast and precise pan-tilt-zoom housing with Bosch’s best-of-breed day/night cameras that provide crisp imaging in any lighting condition. Night-time surveillance is made easy with the option to add a pair of Bosch 3D Diffuser Infrared illuminators.

The High-Speed Positioning System Standard Series delivers 360 degrees continuous rotation at speeds up to 100 degrees per second and 130 degrees of tilt at up to 40 degrees per second. Automatic lens scaling keeps zoom and speed synchronized – ensuring smooth, focused video images at all times. Autopan and preset tour functions remove manual steps in critical situations and are accurate to within 0.02 degrees, enabling operators to call-up crucial images with speed and precision.

The Dinion 2X Day/Night cameras available with the High-Speed Positioning System Series produce sharp, detailed images and outstanding color reproduction in even the harshest natural or artificial lighting. The cameras’ 2X-Dynamic technology and dual exposure sensors analyze images pixel-by-pixel to produce the most detailed view of scenes with difficult lighting. In addition, Auto Black delivers clear images in high or low contrast scenes, while SensUp dynamically adapts to lighting changes and boosts night-time performance.

The High-Speed Positioning System IR360 Series adds UFLED Infrared Illuminators for up to 1,010 feet and 360 degrees of enhanced night-time surveillance without the need for rotating cables. With 3D Diffuser Technology, the illuminators enable crisp images that are evenly-lit throughout the foreground and background of the scene. Featuring Constant Light, UFLED illuminators overcome naturally occurring LED degradation to deliver a consistent level of lighting performance throughout their lifetime.


Integrating these high-performing surveillance products with the rapid pan and tilt unit results in a powerful solution for round-the-clock monitoring of areas with fast-paced activity, including city centers, government sites and border locations.

An IP 66-rated casing completely encloses the system for improved operation and easier installation. A sunshield and integrated wiper also provide a clear view regardless of weather conditions — an important feature for monitoring outdoor and industrial sites.

Customers can operate the High-Speed Positioning System series with Bosch DiBos and Divar Digital Video Recorders, the Allegiant Video Control System, and integrate the series with Bosch’s IP video products. The HSPS Series is compatible with Bosch’s Biphase control protocol as well as the innovative Bilinx technology. Bilinx allows two-way communication over the video cable for easier and more efficient control of camera settings, pan and tilt actions, and camera zoom and focus functions.

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