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HID develops print authentication solutions

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HID Global announced an extension of its industry-leading secure access and identification solutions to secure print authentication. The company is partnering with leading multi-function printer (MFP) manufacturers and their application solution partners to develop secure print authentication solutions that enable HID Global customers to reduce overhead and costs, increase security and compliance and promote environmental sustainability.

The program extends an organization’s existing security investment to incorporate MFP print solutions by leveraging HID Global readers as well as HID Prox and iCLASS cards. By allowing employees to print documents only when they have authenticated to the print device with their HID credentials, companies can reduce the amount of paper, toner and electricity used on a daily basis, saving money and helping reduce printing-related waste.

HID Global has collaborated with industry leaders to introduce print management tools that result in compliance with privacy laws, cost savings, and environmental sustainability. Through these partnerships, controlled document printing is achieved by enabling networked printers or MFP devices with third party software and an HID contactless card reader, where print jobs are then released only when an authorized user presents their HID contactless card to the reader on the device.

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