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Guardly delivers community safety to 400,000 in Toronto

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Guardly announced that it was selected by the Crime Prevention Association of Toronto (CPAT) as its strategic partner to bring a next-generation, city-scale crime prevention and reporting platform to the City of Toronto. Guardly’s MMNS and inbound emergency alerting solutions were chosen by CPAT due to their high scalability and robust functionality to support this major financial and cultural center.

This solution, powered by Guardly technology, will be rolled out as notifEYE mobile, a Neighborhood Watch project to improve civic engagement – particularly youth and diverse populations – and alignment with city police resources.
“We have conducted a thorough research and evaluation process to determine the best public safety technology solution in the market. Guardly mobile safety technology was the best choice,” said Jeff Paulin, President of CPAT. “As we continue to provide guidance on effective crime prevention, reporting and tracking strategies to our community, we focus on delivering networking opportunities that raise the level of community-involved security in crime-affected areas and encourage resource sharing and community cohesion. Guardly technology adds an important layer to our grassroots emergency communications and community infrastructure.”

Guardly’s MMNS goes beyond traditional mass notification capabilities which commonly leverage group-based distribution lists to notify recipients regardless of their location. Its technology infrastructure is highly scalable, capable of sending 500,000 alerts in just seconds and is more reliable than traditional SMS-based systems. Using this platform, community safety administrators and police forces are provided with a unique way to send location-targeted notifications to people located within specific geographic boundaries and buildings in real-time. Guardly’s MMNS delivers a two-way communication mechanism and improves threat intelligence for security operators by providing access to text messages and photos sent by community members related to active threats. The technology also helps with emergency preparedness planning and provides the ability for safety administrators to create and store notification and distribution profiles in advance, for later use when time is of the essence.

“We are thrilled to be selected by CPAT as the exclusive provider of mobile alerting and mass notification solutions to enhance community safety,” said Josh Sookman, Guardly chief executive officer. “As a Toronto-based company, we are excited to have the opportunity to share our continuous innovations with neighbours and local businesses in our home and work communities.” As most calls for assistance come from mobile phones today, notifEYE mobile will enable improved situational awareness and better communication between officials, community and/or private security teams, residents and businesses.

Ideally suited for cities, municipalities and communities, Guardly puts a “smart”, one-touch duress button onto the smartphones of each resident, enabling them to report emergencies more effectively. Other municipalities are also using Guardly technologies for lone and remote worker safety, enhancing the ability to alert and communicate with internal Security Operations Centers (SOCs). Its technologies can also be deployed by police forces and made available to the public for use as an addition or augmentation to traditional 911 emergency reporting.


notifEYE mobile, powered by Guardly, will be available through subscription in the coming months. Subscribers will have access to expandable, detailed reports created through the back-end of the application. These reports will help forecast safety and security needs for multiple layers of government, law enforcement, social-service agencies, businesses and residents. As Guardly mobile safety technology has proven to reduce response times by up to 44 percent and provide significant savings to the security teams, it will serve as strategic integral part of Toronto efforts to prevent crime and create a more cohesive, safer community.

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