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Guardly announces first mobile mass notification system to support location-targeting

Rob Colman   

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Guardly has announced its Mobile Mass Notification System (MMNS), an enterprise-grade emergency mass notification system designed to send 500,000 location-targeted notifications to mobile apps in seconds using real-time, cloud and native mobile technologies.

The Guardly MMNS service is integrated directly into the company’s mobile safety applications to deliver the notifications to intended recipients. The service is also coupled with Guardly’s Indoor Positioning System (IPS), which helps security operators find the indoor locations of people at-risk and requesting assistance in response to mass notification events.

Most emergency mass notification systems are designed to disseminate messages to pre-defined groups of people regardless of their location, even when a threat poses a risk to only a subset of individuals. In addition to send-to-all capabilities, Guardly’s MMNS provides security operations administrators with a way to send location-targeted notifications to people located within specific geographic boundaries and buildings.

The service helps with emergency preparedness planning, as the notification manager provides the ability to create and save notification and distribution profiles in advance, for later use when time is of the essence. Once a mass notification has been sent, the MMNS real-time interactions and analytics dashboard assists security administrators in gathering threat intelligence. The system aggregates requests for help, inbound messages and photos from notification recipients (all time-stamped and geo-tagged), and summarizes notification engagement rates for further analysis and reporting. Help requests and inbound replies can be filtered by location to simplify information management and make it easier to identify key stakeholders and individuals who may be at risk. When coupled with the Guardly IPS module, help requests can be further sorted by individual buildings and floors.

In the event security operators become overloaded with distress calls, Guardly MMNS works in the background to log each help request, inbound message, photo and location update in the system – to ensure each person requesting assistance can eventually be addressed and contacted by security personnel.


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