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Goodale promises new system for kids on no-fly list

MARKHAM, Ont. – Canada's no-fly list dominated the conversation at a public consultation Sunday on national security.

November 28, 2016
By The Canadian Press


Cabinet ministers John McCallum, Ralph Goodale and Jane Philpott listened to citizens’ comments and recommendations at the event in a Markham, Ont., high school cafeteria.

And while the floor was open to discuss many different security issues, the no-fly list was mentioned more than any other topic. The issue came to public attention after a six-year-old boy, Adam Ahmed, was flagged as being on the no-fly list last year.

Public Safety Minister Goodale says there aren’t any actual children on the no-fly list, but some kids are flagged by having the same name as adults on the list.

Goodale has said there will be a new system, and on Sunday suggested his “abstract estimate” is that it would take 18 months to set up.


Several parents of children flagged by the no-fly list were at the consultation and told Goodale that 18 months is too long for their children to wait.

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