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Genetec launches network security appliance

Genetec announced the launch of the SV-16, a network security appliance powered by Genetec’s software. The new compact-sized appliance comes pre-loaded with Genetec’s video surveillance system, Omnicast, and is targeted for small-scale installations under 16 cameras and for multi-site installations with small remote locations.

The 13-ounce (370-gram) appliance manages up to 16 IP cameras, supports wireless connectivity and offers up to 500 GB of internal storage with the possibility of adding more external storage. The SV-16 also supports all compression formats available through Omnicast including H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG and more, for optimal viewing quality. And, the SV-16 provides low 6W power consumption for significant energy-savings.

These features make the SV-16 the perfect choice for customers looking to integrate the appliance into any existing Omnicast installation for local recording in remote locations or for the management of distant cameras over wireless network. For small or distributed systems, the SV-16 can also operate as a stand-alone recording system, allowing customers to benefit from the advanced capabilities of Genetec’s video surveillance system.

The open architecture of Omnicast allows customers who install the SV-16 to either choose their preferred new hardware from a long list of supported manufacturers, or preserve their existing cameras. Hardware integration packs (HIP) are also available, so SV-16 customers have the option to upgrade to the latest camera drivers as they become available.

Genetec’s licensing model is simplified for the SV-16. The per-camera software license allows customers to purchase the number of licenses they need initially and easily grow their system over time. SV-16 customers can also benefit from Omnicast’s latest version releases or they can trade in their license to accommodate traditional server-based storage when the camera count surpasses 16.



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