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Fort McMurray charity scams on the rise

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While the outpouring of support for those affected by the Fort McMurray wild fires has been tremendous, there is an unfortunate dark side to relief efforts.

According to a recent report published by the CBC, there are some who have taken advantage of the situation, and the generosity of Canadians, by falsely claiming to be collecting donations. The story states:

Throughout the battle with the wildfire known as “the beast” that did billions of dollars of damage to the town of Fort McMurray, Albertans have displayed their kindness with donations and offers of support.

But some people are trying to take advantage of that generosity, warns Ron Mycholuk of the central and northern Alberta Better Business Bureau.

The most prevalent scams are fake charities collecting online or door-to-door, he said.


Donors should be wary if someone at the door becomes pushy about donations, Mycholuk said.

Read the full story on the CBC website here.

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