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Recognizing and responding to challenges presented by cyber crime in all its forms requires constant vigilance. More than that, it's about being prepared and utilizing resources effectively. At Focus On Cyber Security, a one-day seminar event hosted by Canadian Security, attendees were presented with some of the tools they require to effectively manage their data and networks in the form of advice from experts in the field.

Ed Dubrovsky, head of national security at OnX Enterprise Solutions, for example, spoke about the challenges of information management in an environment that is no longer limited to the four walls of the corporate office. Data, thanks to mobility, is accessed from home, office, a coffee shop … practically anywhere. Classifying and codifying data can help an enterprise prioritize which information needs protecting the most.

Murray Rosenthal, senior policy analyst (security) for the City of Toronto, spoke about the threats posed to critical infrastructure, as well as what is working, and not working, at a nation-state level to protect these assets.

Robert Beggs, CEO of Digital Defence, provided an insider’s perspective on ethical hacking, revealing some of the key mistakes people make when then profess to be protecting their own data, and what an effective penetration test can tell a company what it may not have truly known about its own networks.

Key information was presented by legal expert Imran Ahmad, leader of the cyber security practice at Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP, about the ramifications of a data breach and what steps organizations can take to best manage their risk and legal exposure.


The day closed with a presentation from Kenrick Bagnall, who spoke about the Toronto Police Service’s C3 (Computer Cyber Crime) Unit and how businesses can work effectively with law enforcement to help solve and remedy criminal activity online.

The event was supported by IBM (including a Q&A with IBM Canada’s Director, Security Business Unit, Greg Coughlin), Cyber Security Canada, Fortinet, Trend Micro and Proof Point.

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